The #1 Place to Insure a Dirt Bike

The Zombie-Fighting Moped Of The Future?

The motorized bicycle has been around for years, and there is no denying that they’re not exactly a “cool” way to get around, but that definitely is not the case with the Motoped. Motoped has refined the traditional moped, and added many new features. Troy Covey, president of the company that owns Motoped (APT Motovox Group), had this to say; “at our core we’re really a small engine technology company.” He continues; “Motoped is a unique product. It’s a cross between a moped and a mountain bike.”

People of all backgrounds and ages were inclined to buy the beach cruiser version of the Motoped, and then the off-road version is designed for more of a motocross feel and those interested in more sport applications. The off-road version actually feels more like a dirt-bike than a bicycle. Motovox also offers a survival version of the Motoped, complete with different tactical attachments such as: a crossbow on the back, a shovel, large gas cans on the sides etc. This version is perfect for the zombie apocalypse. The utility clamps on the side of this model can be used to attach any sort of gear that you would need. The survival edition also gets 150-200 mpg, has a range of 500 miles with both of the fuel tanks, weighs 132 pounds, and only costs between 2,700 to 3,500 dollars. These Motopeds can also be operated legally in any place where bicycles can be operated as well. Overall, these bikes make a great adventure bike. The company that makes these bikes is also very environmentally conscious, so go ahead and try out a Motoped!

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