The #1 Place to Insure a Dirt Bike

Should You Insure Your Dirt Bike? (YES)

To many, insuring a dirt bike seems like a waste of money. After all, you only ride the bike occasionally and you are never on the street, so what’s the point?

Just theft, fire, and accidents while transporting your bike, among others!

Plus, unknown to some riders, many states require that you have dirt bike insurance if you ride on public lands or on a motocross track.

What To Look For and What Does It Cost

You are going to need a policy that covers all of the basics like theft, damage, and liability. The policy should cover the bike while it is being transported, in storage, and while in operation. It should also cover other riders in the event of an accident.

Dirt bike insurance is priced in a similar manner to car insurance. The premiums are based on factors that include:

  • Make/Model/Year of dirt bike
  • State minimum liability requirements
  • Selected coverage options
  • Driving record
  • Credit
  • Your age

In most cases, dirt bike insurance is much less expensive than a policy for your street bike. That only makes sense for a bike that is only ridden occasionally.

All dirt bike riders know that injuries are not a matter of if, but when and how often. So, even if your policy includes liability, what about your medical bills in the event of an accident? Let’s say your policy offers coverage for your injuries, there will be maximum limits for each accident. Will those limits be enough to cover all of your expenses? You are going to want to carry additional medical coverage at all times. The premiums for a medical policy may seem steep on the face of it, but compare them to the cost of one single injury: a broken leg. A clean break that just needs x-rays and casting will set you back nearly $3,000. Need surgical repair? You are looking at an easy 15 grand, if you do not need physical therapy. How do those premiums sound now?

The long and short of it is: you need to carry dirt bike coverage. Even if the state you live in does not require it, a policy makes sense if for no other reason than to replace your bike in the event of theft.

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