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Keeping Your Off-Road Trails Fun, Strong

Off-road-trail systems can be a great deal of fun. They are where you head to test yourself and your command of your ATV, UTV, or motorcycle, enjoy the outdoors and at least pretend that you are challenging the wooly and wild frontier. However, just as you need to take good care of your ride, you also need to keep your riding trails in fine riding condition.

One of the easiest ways to maintain your favorite trails is to join an ATV club. Clubs exist in part to maintain the resources they need to play. If you cannot find an ATV club close to you, perhaps you should found your own. To do this, reach out to the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council for assistance. They’ll even give you a free club startup kit.

When the time comes to working on the trails, start by picking up trash. Then, do what you can to prevent soil erosion by planting shrubs and trees and clearing out drainage ditches. Other areas that will probably need attention are creek crossings, trail markers, and downed trees.

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