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2013 Kawasaki Motocross Bikes Boasting Updates

Kawasaki is not only releasing its 2013 side-by-side and dirt bikes early this year, it is also updating its KX245F and KX450F motocross motorcycles.

The KX450F has been and continues to be an impressive dirt bike being what Ryan Villopoto rode as the Supercross champion this year. The 2013 model features a new Kayaba Pneumatic Spring Fork, revised engine tuning that is more powerful and smoother, and a revised piston crown that improves ultra-low to midrange engine response. The 2013 KX450F starts at $8,699.

Kawasaki believes that its revised KX250F will continue to be a popular model. This year it will start at $7,599 and have slimmer ergonomics, a more slender frame and completely-new plug-and-play adjustable Electronic Control Unit to control its fuel injection system, ignition timing, and idle speed control system.  Just make sure to insure your dirt bike!

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